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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

A. No its much better if I call round and give you a FREE no obligation quote tell you what can be done measure up then I can guarantee the work.

Q. Should i vacuum before you arrive?

A. No. Vacuuming is part of the service it gives me an opportunity to have another look at the carpet (Remember I've already inspected it at the time of the quote.) check the fitting, seams, traffic lane areas any problem spots or stains. Never use a carpet cleaner who tells you pre-vacuuming isn't necessary.

Q. How soon after you have cleaned it can i walk on my new freshly cleaned carpet?

A. Drying times depend on the weather if it is pouring with rain it will take a little longer to dry but the furniture is all placed on polystyrene blocks or foil tabs I leave you with overshoes and have turbo dryers which assist in the drying times having a truck-mounted machine means the carpet will dry a lot quicker than if I was using an electric portable one. So the room is back in use immediately but try not to walk across the carpet unnecessarily for a few hours.

If you choose to have the carpet scotch guarded then try and keep of it as much as possible for 24 hours to allow the product to cure onto the fibres.

Q. What happens if i have a spillage straight after you have cleaned my carpet?

A. If you have an accident within two weeks of me cleaning your carpet I would come and treat the stain FREE if it has been longer then there would be a small charge. But I leave all my clients with a bottle of Carpet spotter which is a trade spotter and is not available on the supermarket shelves it's absolutely FREE and when you run out you just call me FREE and I shall bring you another one FREE.

Q. Do i need to move all the furniture?

A. No. The cost of cleaning your carpets is cheaper if the room(s) is clear but I will move all large items of furniture all I ask you to do is move breakables i.e.lamps and ornaments etc.

Q. I've heard once you have had your carpet cleaned it gets dirty again quickly?

A. This is an old wives tale that held some truth in the seventies when everything was shampooed leaving a sticky residue in the carpet I use two stage cleaning (well five really) spraying the solution on first and then rinsing it out with the suspended soil no sticky residue to cause rapid resoiling.

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